TRANSFORMATION THROUGH EDUCATION The maxim proposed by Paulo Freire, that education does not transform the world, but changes people, and they transform the world, is always a starting point to underline the developmental vocation of the educational practices. The tool, as well as art, culture, environment, technology, entrepreneurship, is one of the engines of the Usina de Arte project for driving the district of Santa Terezinha to the rediscovery of its place of power.

With solid partnerships with school units in the region (public and private sector) that serve more than 200 students in various educational levels, the Usina de Arte promotes initiatives for the innovation of the pedagogical practices of these institutions, in addition to offering perennial structures for learning and experiences, with an emphasis in technology. Examples are the recently opened Fab Lab Mata Sul - Usina de Arte, the Music School, the public Library and Knowledge Center with more than 5 thousand titles with computer terminals connected to the internet, 3D printers, and laser cutters for community projects.

The results are already visible. In the village of Santa Terezinha, the Severino Canto Municipal School obtained in 2017 the highest IDEB (Basic Education Development Index) score of that year in the entire Mata Sul region of Pernambuco, increasing its score by two points compared to the 2013 evaluation. The school management shared the achievement with the project for having provided that community with access to culture, music school, and artistic workshops over the years, highlighting art as a transversal instrument for learning and social advancement.