Usina de Arte | Usina Santa Terezinha
Rua do Eucalipto Usina - Santa Terezinha, Água Preta | Zip Code 55.550-00 | Pernambuco
Telephone number: [81] 2125 3908
HOW TO GET THERE Interested in getting to know the Usina de Arte up close? About 150 km from Marco Zero in Recife, the Artistic-Botanical Park of the Usina de Arte is open to public visitation, from 5:30 am to 6 pm, and is free of charge.
Coming from Recife: The best way is to drive along BR-101 Sul, following the signs to Cabo, Escada, Ribeirão, Palmares and Maceió. About 15 kilometers after Palmares, you will find the town of Xexéu, where you will take the access to PE-99, towards the Usina Santa Terezinha, located at KM10.
Coming from Alagoas: For those coming from Alagoas, the road is via BR-101 Norte, following the signs to Rio Largo, Joaquim Gomes, Novo Lino, and Recife. About 4 kilometers after the Tax Station on the Alagoas/Pernambuco border, the traveler will arrive in Xexéu. From there, just take PE-99, towards the Usina Santa Terezinha.
Coming from the South Coast of Pernambuco: Part of our visitors also come from Pernambuco's South Coast! These visitors need to head in the direction of the Barreiros Tax Station on the PE-60. Then they should take the PE-96 towards Água Preta, Palmares, and Xexéu. When you arrive in Xexéu, just follow the PE-99 in the direction of the Usina Santa Terezinha. WHERE TO STAY Residents of the village Santa Terezinha rent rooms and houses for tourists, especially during the Festival at the Usina de Arte. There are two people who make the bridge between visitors and residents:
WHERE TO EAT Among the eating options are the restaurants: CONTACT US AT THE USINA DE ARTE For more information, please contact us by e-mail or by filling out the form below. And follow Usina de Arte on social networks:


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