“Landscape” 2021

Digital print on glass, metal
250 x 960 x 840 cm

Her work at Usina is called Paisagem (Landscape), a labyrinth formed by 59 transparent glasses measuring approximately 100 m2 with a height of 2.50m, all marked by images of shots appropriated from the printed media, as a testimony of the daily violence in which we live. With perforation and shrapnel simulation performed by digital procedures for printing and burning the glass, the 12 shot models are strategically distributed throughout the glass maze, in order to avoid being seen duplicated. They are all placed at the same height (1.40m), a supposed generic measure capable of guaranteeing that they would be experienced as more “accurate” shots ... The work was initially shown at the 34th Bienal of São Paulo in 2021, before its implementation at the Usina de Arte in early 2022.

Regina Silveira
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, 1939
She currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil A trained painter and engraver with a long teaching career, this multimedia artist explores different media and languages, focusing on the nature of visual representation and the politics of images that try to influence our perception. Having worked mainly with an expanded graphic that includes the use of industrial techniques, photography, video and digital media, her path includes distortions of illusionist perspective, the critical use of light and shadow in environmental installations and large-format ephemeral interventions, projected or attached to various architectures.