“Conversation Benches” 2023

Sculptural benches with metal and concrete structure, covered with 20x20cm etched and burnt tiles.
A series of differently shaped benches, scattered throughout the Usina de Arte, each one in tiles with different designs and images, that make references to Pernambuco’s culture.

“Since I was a child, I've associated tiles with a strong expression of art. In my house there was a wall at the entrance with modernist tiles, and every time I traveled to the Northeast, I visited relatives' houses, churches, and squares where I saw all kinds of tiles. It always fascinated me to see symbols, drawings, and stories in this format. Today, contemporary photography includes several forms of printing, among them on tiles. With this project, I continue this visual research with tiles, proposing dialogues between the contemporary and a traditional support. To dialogue with the Usina de Arte, I created the project of a set of tile benches, in an appropriation of the traditional Portuguese tiles that have strongly influenced Brazilian art since the colonial period, through the baroque to the contemporary. The work is composed of a body of images ranging from references to local popular art, to historical images, maps and photographs, images of the sugarcane culture, composing a visual narrative of the history of the Usina region and the city of Recife.” CJ

Claudia Jaguaribe
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, 1955
She currently lives and works in São Paulo She is a photographer who develops works focused on the issue of urban landscape, the environment and, especially, questions about the representation of reality as a conceptual record, blending reality and subjectivity. The materialism of her works questions the very nature of photography. She expands the traditional formats of photography, transforms images into photo-sculptures, integrates and uses video and internet in her installations.