The Usina de Arte pushing cultural boundaries

The Usina de Arte is a striking sculpture park with works by contemporary artists located in the middle of Pernambuco’s Zona da Mata. It is a project outside the Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo axis, which brings together works by local, Brazilian, and international artists.
The most distinctive aspect of the Usina de Arte compared to other sculpture parks are the invitations that are made to artists to come and immerse themselves in the history of this former sugarcane mill located in the historic center of Pernambuco. By dialoguing with the residents of the Água Preta community, the resident artists create their works on site, which they position in collaboration with the teams from the sugar mill. The latter, therefore, tries to avoid the trap of presenting an accumulation of works, but offers an intelligent journey that allows visitors to rethink the history of slavery, the cultures coming from indigenous populations and the other great heritage that comes from Africa, issues related to ecology and the different plantations in Northeast Brazil... even the creation of a local radio station that expands the cultural boundaries of a project who’s main goal is to be exceptional.
Get to know the artists and the works of art available at the Usina de Arte: